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Musical Tribute To Scientists is a series of concerts which consist of performances of music by Edward Manukyan - a number of which are dedicated to scientists - and lectures and speeches by scientists and public intellectuals.

The purpose of these events is to promote wider appreciation for sciences through special concerts at concert halls, schools, college/university campuses, museums, and elsewhere, and to make due acknowledgment of distinguished living scientists, marking occasions of their birthday anniversaries, celebrations of important discoveries, etc.

If you would like to help us set up an event, please contact our event organizer and one of the participating musicians, Ms. Lyndi Williams, at: lyndi.williams.soprano [ at]                   Click here to download our project brochure.

You can also email the composer directly, if you are interested in commissioning a new piece.

Concerts:* Click to view more details

Kresge Auditorium, Cambridge, MA - January 22, 2010
Gianelli Square, Northridge, CA - January 9, 2010
Yerevan, Armenia - July-October, 2010
University of Oklahoma - TBA
University of Texas in Austin - TBA
East Los Angeles College - TBA
University of California, Davis - TBA

Currently Presented Concert Program*

"World Without War," for soprano and piano - Dedicated to Noam Chomsky.
"Three Passions," for soprano and piano (words by Bertrand Russell)
"Double Helix," for clarinet and violin - Dedicated to James D. Watson.
"Esquisse," for violin and piano - Dedicated to Steven Weinberg.
"Doubt and Uncertainty," for solo clarinet - In the memory of Richard Feynman.
"A Table, a Chair, a Bowl of Fruit and a Violin," for solo violin - In the memory of Albert Einstein.
"Monologue," for solo violin - Dedicated to Noam Chomsky.
"Trio," for clarinet, violin and piano (three movements).

*Additional works may be selected to fit the scale of each event.

*   *    *

Watch videos from the last performance - a collaboration with principal musicians of the Amarillo Symphony.
(Recorded at Mary Moody Northen Hall, in Canyon, Texas, May 27)

"Doubt and Uncertainty," for solo clarinet
(In the memory of Richard Feynman)

"Esquisse," for violin and piano
(Dedicated to Steven Weinberg)

World Without War
(Dedicated to Noam Chomsky)

"Double Helix," for clarinet and violin
(Dedicated to James D. Watson)

More from the recent performance.

Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
Excerpts from all three movements (includes cadenzas)

Edward Manukyan

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