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Dance For Two Pianos

Having written mostly songs with inspirations from jazz and rock since 1999, Manukyan began developing his interests in classical music in late 2003, after discovering for himself the music of his compatriot Aram Khachaturian Ė a prominent Soviet-Armenian composer. Written in Los Angeles, in the spring of 2004, ďDance for Two PianosĒ was one of the composerís very first works in which he exercised his growing classical influence, experimenting with elements from Armenian folklore. The piece was generously praised by Manukyanís first composition teacher - composer Rowan Taylor, who mentioned that the unique use of dissonances, both in their ornamental and harmonic capacity, provide an essential technique for the young composerís formation.

Some additional work was done later and the current revision was prepared during the composerís stay in his Texas summer house, in the fall of 2008.

The work was premiered in Hungary, by Lilla Bagi-Fiatal and JŠnos Fancsali, in Feburary 2009.

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