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Music For the Young Pianist

(10 pieces for solo piano)

Over the years (between 2007 and 2009), in Los Angeles and during his temporary relocation to a Texas summer house in the late 2008, Manukyan jotted down small piano pieces on his spare time, wishing to put them together as an album for younger pianists.

The collection consists of music that reflects melodic and rhythmic characteristics of Armenian folklore. It will be useful for students in music schools and early college, as well as for accomplished piano enthusiasts.

The total duration is approximately 15 minutes.

1. Waking Up

6. Playtime

2. Morning Exercise

7. Homework

3. Milk And Pancakes

8. Bedtime

4. Off To School

9. Summer Vacation

5. Thinking Of Love Again   

10. Back To School

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