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Three Scenes from a Peasant's Life

for Violin Solo

"Three Scenes from a Peasant's Life" was written in December 2007. Its first two movements were performed on February 5, 2008, at the Music Hall of the California State University, Los Angeles, by Varujan Nalbandian. The piece, in its entirety, was premiered by Evgenia Epshtein, on May 29, 2008, in Ashkelon, Israel.

This three-part composition is based on harmonic and rhythmic characteristics of Armenian folk-song. It contains the following independent pieces:

I. Peaceful Evening

II. Longing

III. Dance

Each piece conveys a certain specific aspect of Armenian folklore with incorporation of peculiar folk scales (Peaceful Evening), motific patterns (Longing), and rhythmic characteristics of peasant dance kochari (Dance). The composition in general is designed to provide a certain degree of Eastern exoticism for audiences, as well as to create local associations for the Armenian listener. Itís main inspiration is in the recognition of the invaluable work done by creative peasants towards preserving national music in cultures which, challenged by wars and genocides, have often been at the edge of disappearance.

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