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Three Songs About Love

for High Voice and Piano

The author of over one hundred songs, Edward Manukyan wrote Armenian lyrics for the first time to these three songs. The first song (Your Eyes Do Not Love Me Any More) was written in 2006, and the rest were added in the fall of 2008.

After the first two sad and gloomy songs, the light-hearted and humorous "I've Never Eaten Salty Cookies" concludes the cycle through further outlined relationship between voice and the accompaniment. There are no thematic correlations among the lyrics, and the songs may be performed independently. The premiere of all three was given by the American opera soprano Lyndi Williams, in Amarillo, Texas (Oct. 15, 2008), with the piano accompaniment of Jan Walser.

1. Չեն սիրում քո աչերն էլ ինձ (Your Eyes Do Not Love Me Any More)

2. Կանցնեն տարիներ (Years Will Pass)

3. Ես ոչ մի աղի բլիթ չեմ կերել (I've Never Eaten Salty Cookies)

I really love the melodic and harmonic character of these songs. I have to admit that I knew nearly nothing about Armenia's culture. And now I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn more about the music of Armenia through these beautiful works of a contemporary composer, which I hope I will one day have the chance to perform to Armenian audiences as well.

Lyndi Williams (Oct. 20, 2008.)

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