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Edward Manukyan is a multi-genre composer. Having spent many years writing and performing jazz, blues, rock and pop songs before he became interested in classical music, Manukyan managed to refine his technique in more popular styles as well. In Yerevan he often appeared on stage with guitarist Arthur Markarian, bassist Hovik Voskanian and drummer Marek Zaborsky, among many others, featuring his original songs. They gained a considerable media recognition and praise from large audiences. He briefly continued working on commercial styles in the United States as well, but his focus in composition for symphonic and chamber music gradually overwhelmed his working schedule, leaving a songbook for over sixty songs shelved for later production.

Coming up in September, 2009... A dozen of these songs will be released in a new album (including "I'm So Indifferent", "Point Pleasant Beach", "Satisfactory", "Now That My Love Has Died", etc.). More information will be available soon.

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All words and music, unless otherwise noted, were written by Edward Manukyan. Information about where and when they were written are in brackets.

Brusov Baby. (Written in 2001, Yerevan, Armenia)

Call Me What You Want. (Yerevan, Armenia, 2002)

Don't Say Goodbye. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2001)

A Dreadful Week. (Yerevan, Armenia, 2001)

Friday Night. (Lakewood, New Jersey, 2002)

I Can't Love You. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

I'm So Indifferent. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

I Want To Kiss You Again. (Yerevan, Armenia, 2001)

In Yerevan, Not too Long Ago. (Woodland Hills, California, 2003)

Gayane. (Metsamor, Armenia, 1998)

Kiss Your Baby Goodbye. (Yerevan, Armenia, 2000)

Let Me Talk To Sally. (Lake Balboa, California, 2003)

Like Everybody Does. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

Loretta. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

Metsamor. (Yerevan, Armenia, 2000)

Move On With The Rising Sun*. (Lake Balboa, California, 2003)

My Home And My Mommy. (Lakewood, New Jersey, 2002)

My Lonely Blue-Eyed Blond. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2001)

Now That My Love Has Died. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2001)

Overtime For My Babycakes. (Woodland Hills, California, 2003)

Point Pleasant Beach. (Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, 2002)

Pull It Down. (Canoga Park, California, 2003)

Rock And Roll Rubber Doll. (Yerevan, Armenia, 1999)

A Russian Girl. (Lakewood, New Jersey, 2002)

Satisfactory. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

She Loves Me Like An Artist. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

Shelly. (Ouray, Colorado, 2002)

Swinging Yerevan. (Lake Balboa, California, 2003)

Take A Look At The Sky. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2000)

That Jewish Woman (Lakewood, New Jersey, 2002)

That Lady**. (Woodland Hills, California, 2003)

Until This Dream Is Over. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2000)

Upon My Black Raincoat. (Metsamor, Armenia, 2002)

Velvet Girl. (Yerevan, Armenia, 2001)

Wait, I'll Be Back Home. (Glendale, California, 2002)

You Are So Much Mine. (North Hollywood, California, 2002)

* Lyrics written in collaboration with Jennifer Martin.
** Lyrics written in collaboration with Kevin Hicks.

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